A portrait of my daughters every week in 2017.

We lost one of our dogs this week.  She was 14 years old, and drove me nuts with her food stealing, kid threatening antics, but she was part of our family and we loved her.  For 14 years.  It was hard.  A lot harder than I expected.  I’m grateful these two wild children to keep me too busy to get inside my own head right now.

Big: Is learning how to walk and feed our little remaining dog on her own.  She’s always called him her best friend, even though he’s well known for peeing on everything, leaky anal glands and humping his bed.  We sort of kept the kids at a distance with the dogs in the last few years as our older dog had some issues with aggression.  Allowing her the freedom to create a deeper friendship with this little dude has been really nice to see.

Little: Does not have the gentle calm with animals of her sister.  When our little dog was laying next to her in bed, she reached over, grabbed his ear and yanked.   Hard.  She seems to care about the concept of gentle about as much as she cares about not eating leaves.  Meaning she DGAF.  She is truly a little wild animal. 

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