The Night Bakery, no more

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This space has felt mislabeled to me for quite some time now.  It’s pretty clear I don’t post recipes here any longer.  So it felt like time for a change.  I know when it comes time for surgery that there will likely be many people who want updates along the way, and getting texts or messages or emails asking for them sounds like a lot.  So I think this space will be where I provide those updates.  And it felt right to change the name ahead of that timing.  So here it is, Rose and the Wild Fox.  A space with loads of possibilities and new directions.



A portrait of sleep in my family every week in 2018

I somehow got off on my numbering this year. Life with two kids I guess. I realized today that although I completed this project, it wasn’t exactly what I set out to do. I was hoping to use my actual camera more often and do some longer exposures. In a way I’d love to leave it set up and make the same photograph every day or every week. But I’d need to somehow remember to do that, and frankly my brain, and my life, are just too full.

I’ve decided for the first time in six years not to do a year long project in 2019. I had wanted to do a 365, but knowing what this next year holds for us it just doesn’t feel realistic. I do plan to share photos here, and hope to make them often throughout the year. Maybe 2019 will be the year I repurpose this space, as the name doesn’t feel as fitting anymore. But in a way it feels sort of freeing, to not have a weekly task to hold myself to. I’m hopeful it will make my images more intentional, and less of a chore. Here’s to starting the new year without any goals, and just letting life unfold.


A portrait of sleep in my family every week in 2018

They are seriously snuggly in their sleep. The baby likes to sleep on top of people and has recently started sleeping on top of her sister as well.


A portrait of sleep in my family every week in 2018

I wonder if I’ll find other babies bellies as adorable as my own kids once they outgrow their youth. I literally want to chomp on that little belly every time I see it hanging out.


A portrait of sleep in my family every week in 2018

Her sleep has been all sorts of wonky lately, including the awesome middle of the night prolonged wake ups. Which leads to random mid afternoon naps in whatever place is available.


A portrait of sleep in my family every week in 2018

The big kid managed to bring lice home from school, which was all sorts of awesome, and meant every single bit of bedding in the house got washed on hot at once. Leaving not much left for them to sleep with. Oops.