A portrait of my daughters every week in 2017

Big:  Has been dealing better with the teenage attitude she developed over the past few months.  It’s involving a whole lot of effort on our part, and lots of discussions around how to deal with big feelings, but I’m crossing my fingers that we are on the upswing here.

Little:  Always chewing on everything.  So much so that she basically lives in the carrier to keep her from accidentally ingesting something deadly. On the list of things I love about her, is the way she violently flings her body to the side and rolls over once she’s finally ready to go to sleep.  It’s so appropriately dramatic for her wonderful little personality. 


A portrait of my daughters every week in 2017

Big: Is clearly missing the rhythm and routine of school.  She did get to spend pretty much the entire day with her neighborhood bff for the past three days, but I think it’s the routine, gentle guidance and predictably that she misses.  Waldorf school was very grounding for her and I worry that she may night get that need met without it. 

Little: Still hasnt mastered crawling but has found mobility via backwards scooting and rolling.  She’s also proving to be highly dangerous to herself, as EVERY single thing she comes across goes into her mouth.  Much of our day today was spent making the house baby safe. 


A portrait of my daughters every week in 2017

Big:  Got to wear a Holter monitor again which brought up some self conscious feelings for her that made me feel loads of heartbreak and sadness for my future girl.  

Little:  Has gotten to that stage in babyhood where she acts like a derenged lunatic at bedtime.  It’s also apparently the best (and only) time for her to work on mastering crawling.  I sort of forgot about this stage until putting her to sleep started to resemble wrestling a baby alligator. 


A portrait of my daughters every week in 2017

Big: This sweet, wonderful, kind girl of mine has discovered that I am no longer the funnest person in life, as I’m constantly caring for a baby and rarely have time to play the way we once did.  She’s acting out and it’s clear I need to take my time before reacting with her, and be patient and kind, but also firm while she learns to test boundaries and limits.  

Little: Went in the kiddie pool for the first time today and appeared to love it.  She also eats more grass than any baby probably should.  Especially one who has dogs.