About me

Hi.Halloween WalkMy name’s Katie.

This space used to be a place where I shared recipes and pretty photos of food.  Over the years it’s sort of morphed into a space to share images of my kids.

I have a husband, two amazing daughters and this stinky little puggy dog.  They’re perfect.


I used to desperately want to be a stay at home wife and mother. My idea of feminism includes the freedom to choose family over career.  Now that I have two kids and a job I love, work gives me some much needed space.  I also love my job so that helps.

My oldest is special in more ways then I can imagine. She even has a special heart. She’s amazing, stronger then anyone I’ve ever known and in my husbands words “the coolest person I’ve ever met”.  She recently had open heart surgery for the first time and is doing amazingly well.

Our youngest is a little wild animal and completes our family in ways I never knew we needed.

I use this space to share my art, to share our life and raise awareness around CHD’s.  I do a lot more sharing over on instagram as well.


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