On being Four

Yesterday she told everyone she came in contact with that tomorrow she will be four.

Before bed last night she told me she was so excited for her birthday tomorrow and then asked if it meant she got to use sharp things and help Papa build because she was four. She was ecstatic when I told her she can help put the dresser together for her baby sister.

She loves getting new toys but waits to open presents. She took two days to open the gifts from her birthday party and another two days for a package that came in the mail. 

Things I love about this girl:

She begs me for a sucker, then takes one lick and says she’s all done and wants to throw it in the garbage.

She doesn’t understand why I don’t like some of the games the older neighbor teaches her. All she sees is how much she loves this little girl and the kindness in this child.

She is becoming so brave and bold and fearless. On the playground with her friends, at school and work in ballet class. I never expected her to walk into her second ballet class alone and dive right in. She absolutely loves it and smiles and giggles and socializes the whole time.  

Her favorite foods are things like Mac and cheese, doughnuts and pasta, yet at dinner yesterday she only wanted to eat plain green beans for dinner. No butter, no salt. 

She rotates favorite people. Right now it’s Grandpa, and she’s constantly demanding “Grandpa play with me” which means, sit on the floor with all the small toys for as long as I demand and don’t you dare think you can get up.  

She wakes up almost every single night around 4am hungry. So much so that she can’t go back to sleep. I’ve started stocking fruit pouches in her bedroom so I don’t have to make it all of the way to the kitchen at 4am. 

She suddenly loves chapter books. Every night we read a chapter in one of her magic tree house books and she watches with such intensity it makes my heart hurt. She only wants one chapter per night however and immediately puts the book back on the shelf when the chapter is finished.

Last night while making her bed she found a small stuffed rabbit and said “oh cuddly fluffy bunny I love you so much!”  She then turned to me and said “Mama, I wanna give this bunny to my baby sister”.  I asked her if she was absolutely sure and she said yes and asked that I put it with all of the baby’s things awaiting her arrival.

This sweet girl has grown into such an amazing person, I barely recognize the baby she used to be.  She is the bright spot in our days, day after day, she is our reason for joy and for happiness.  The happiest of birthdays to you today sweet girl, I’m honored to be called your Mama.