I discovered last weekend that she has the tiniest, faintest freckles on both of her cheeks.  Upon pointing this out to her she proceeded to sing this little song to me, over and over again.​

Transitions (and a giveaway)


*Giveaway is now closed.  Congrats to Jenny!  Winner has been contacted via email*

It’s been a few months since we told her she is going to be a big sister this fall.  From the second we told her, she has been in love with the idea.  Before we even knew or were sure we wanted a second child, she was telling us she wanted a sister.  That she wanted to take care of a baby.  She picked a book out at the store, months before I got pregnant, that was all about being an older sibling.

She’s been a sweet nurturing little child since the day she began to show her own interests and independence.  Always caring for her toys, talking about babies.  Becoming a big sister seems to be something she was ready for, before I was even ready to think about it.

When I told her she could pick out some new moccasins and asked her to look at colors with me, the first thing she said was “I know!  We can get her the same kind and we can match!!”  She then proceeded to tell me all about how she would give the baby the moccs she had outgrown and she was so excited to know that her little sister would get to wear her shoes.


She gives my belly hugs and kisses on a daily basis, and loves to talk about all of the things that will happen when the baby gets here.  Sometimes she gets sad when she realizes she still has to wait a while.  I’m really hoping this love, enthusiasm, patience and sweetness stick around once there is an actual infant around to care for.

This time she picked out pink moccs.  Which worked out incredibly well as her grandmother had just finished knitting her a little sweater in a similar shade.  She’s been very careful with her moccs, talking about how she doesn’t want to get them wet or dirty.

Now that it’s finally warm enough, she’s been wearing moccs to school every day.  Year after year, they are, and have been, my favorite shoes to put her in.  They’re clearly comfortable, and are great for whatever the day might hold.  The way they mold to her feet after a little time is wonderful and I find we get far longer use out of them than any other shoe, as they grow and stretch along with her little feet.  I love that these shoes look great with a dress when we go out to eat, or with shorts and a t-shirt at the park.  She’s been able to get them on and off herself for years now, but they are so great for little hands just learning how to put on shoes.  I honestly can’t say enough good things about these moccs, and often wish we had a pair in every color.

Here’s your chance to score a pair for yourself.  Just follow the directions below.  Winner can not have won any other giveaway containing a pair of Freshly Picked moccs in the last 60 days. Winner will be announced here on June 8th.

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