Trying to find an appetite

I have not cooked since December 21st. That’s insane. That’s a record or something. I cook or bake every single day, almost every meal. My body has betrayed me, and my stomach is my number one enemy.

See the thing is I’m pregnant. And apparently to my body, that means eating is nearly impossible. I’m not glowing. I’m sick as a dog, feel like vomiting 24 hours a day agony. It’s not pretty. I’ll find something I want to eat and no sooner then I put it in my mouth I feel like it is going to come back up.

I haven’t wanted to think about, write about, make or eat food. It’s actually quite sad. I’m desperately counting the days until this potion of the show is over.

And my husband. My poor husband, who doesn’t cook and has had to suffer through along with me. If you know him at all, you know he is not adept in the kitchen. Making spaghetti is about as far as he goes. I feel a bit like I’ve abandoned him, poor guy.

They tell me I have 3-7 more weeks of this part. I’m really really hoping it’s just 3 weeks. Especially if my boss keeps eating Swiss cheese everyday. Seriously it makes me want to die. It has been getting progressively better. I made pancakes this past weekend and really enjoyed them. Not so great that I’m cooking and eating like myself, but I can choke down food without gagging these days.

So my promise to you, is that I will be back soon with new posts and recipes sure to please. As soon as I’m done being nauseous.

Back from holiday land

20120104-154038.jpgThis Christmas I made this toffee topped with chocolate and citrus salt.20120104-154313.jpgI gave people this vanilla extract.

20120104-154655.jpgI made these way too hard passion fruit caramels.

20120104-154754.jpgAnd covered them in chocolate to disguise their jaw breaking ways.

20120104-154954.jpgI cooked down raspberries into jam to mingle with brie inside puff pastry bites.

20120104-155139.jpgI made hot cocoa mix and homemade Limoncello. Consider yourself lucky if you received some of the booze. It was quite lovely.

20120104-155838.jpgI made a boat load of cookies with my dad.

20120104-160120.jpgI made popovers from this cookbook and filled them with potatoes, peas and bechamel sauce.

20120104-160524.jpg I made homemade pasta from this and loved it just as much as the last time I made it.

20120104-160800.jpgI whipped up hundreds of cupcakes for the coolest New Years Eve wedding.

Hung out with some wacky cats at my mother in-laws.

And spent time with those I love the most.


20120104-161516.jpgI hope your holidays were as filled with love as my own and promise to bring you full posts and recipes soon!