A portrait of my daughters every week in 2017

Both girls seem to have hit growth spurts out of nowhere and suddenly pants are ankle length and dresses are tunics.  The baby, although still tiny in the weight category (a whopping 18 pounds), is in the 85th% for height and finally wearing some clothing sizes ahead of her age range, as opposed to behind.

Big: We went back to her old school this week for a play, and she had so much fun.  It’s like she remembered who she was and just turned back into that girl.  When we got home she was so emotional.  There were outbursts, and crying and anger for seemingly no reason, but likely for all of the reasons that have been piling up.  We’ve struggled a bit this year, she started a new heart medication this spring which effects mood and it’s been difficult for her sometimes to manage her aggression and emotions.  She only does so with the people closest to her, but it’s hard to know that something she needs is making her feel out of control sometimes.  

Little: She got through her 12 month check up relatively unscathed considering she had vaccinations and a blood draw.  I’m hoping doctor visits are a bit less stress inducing for her as she ages than they are for her sister.

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