20140629-195904-71944994.jpgA portrait of my daughter every day in 2014

She was up most of the night crying, and quite the unhappy girl today. Today was her Papas birthday and only minutes before everyone was set to arrive to celebrate did we realize she had a fever. This was pretty much the only time she spent outside today, most of our day has been spent on the couch watching movies(who am I kidding, we’ve been watching The Fantastic Mr. Fox over and over). I’m desperately hoping she feels better tomorrow, there’s nothing sadder then a sick kid who can’t tell you what’s wrong.


20140627-201527-72927596.jpgA portrait of my daughter every day in 2014

This girl was so good and patient while I baked over 200 cupcakes for a wedding tomorrow. She sat on my back in the ergo, played with her grandparents and napped for 2 hours. I couldn’t have asked for a better day for her, while I worked away. She amazes me more and more each day.


20140626-212531-77131544.jpgA portrait of my daughter every day in 2014

Bathed in morning light, still half asleep after being pulled from bed this morning, far before she was ready.