Sweet Cheeks

20121023-113146.jpgThat’s what I like to call her. She’s 5 weeks old tomorrow and amazing. I’ve neglected to post anything as I’ve been quite busy doing a whole lot of nothing, taking care of this perfect child. Unfortunately I’ve been doing it locked away in a hospital room as she was born with a rare heart condition.

20121023-113340.jpgShe is the strongest person I have ever met and we will be home eventually, settling into life with this sweet babe, and cooking and baking again. For now I leave you with photos of this amazing child and some delicious treats I made before having her.

20121023-113601.jpgThere were pumpkin muffins, that were really more like a cupcake.

20121023-113920.jpgI made, and devoured an amazing apple pie, which I am planning on making again once were home and posting the recipe.

20121023-114259.jpgAnd finally there were little loafs of bread. Banana and brown butter apple cinnamon. I froze half of each of these and they’ve come in quite handy of our short visits home.

20121023-114633.jpgUntil further notice, I am busy loving up this beautiful creature. Eventually we’ll be home, she’ll be strapped in her baby carrier on my chest and I’ll be baking up delicious goodies.