Baby moccs

This kid has crazy baby feet. She kicks them so hard when she’s sitting up that she’s had scrapes on her heels. It’s a miracle there aren’t bruises on those little heels. We’ve loved Freshly Picked moccasins since the first pair we got a few years back. Our big kid lived in them for years. She’s a shoe queen and they were, by far her favorites.  

Now that this little muffin is getting older it’s starting to seem necessary to have shoes on those little feet. Literally she’s so wild they would be covered in scrapes if she wasn’t wearing shoes outside. And she’s not even really crawling or walking yet. She gets every single other type of shoe off. Every one. Nothing stays on. She kicks and wiggles sooooo much that EVERY shoe goes flying off. Except these.  

Are FP moccs pricey? Well, yes. But there is probably not another product I can think of that is so worth the money. The first pair we got lasted at least 18 months. And they’re still in good enough shape that the baby will get to wear them eventually. These shoes are phenomenal. And the soft soles are great for little feet learning to walk.  

Have you tried FP moccs? If not here’s your chance to win. I’m giving away a pair on Instagram this week so head on over for your chance to win. 

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