2 thoughts on “232/365

  1. Hey Cuz, I just got to tell you because I can’t hold back any longer but, I check out every pic you send and I’ll flag it if I can’t get to it so I don’t accidentally delete. Well. I instantly felt what seemed then like real love for a baby I had not met but actually got teary eyed knowing that we share some of same DNA. I save every pic and she is so dang cute I can’t take it because we’re so far away:( She has “smart” written all over that precious little angelic face and head of hers. I love that she has red hair. Our oldest son Bryan (33) had and still does have red hair and you know she’s definitely got that Scottish and Irish blood!!! I honestly have grown quite attached, which initially I hadn’t really thought about that aspect UNTIL I saw her first pics And I must admit I’m pretty hooked. You take great pics and I love her sense of curiosity and how intently she studies everything. I got a kick out of the one where she was checking out your B&W cat’s ear and she almost looked as if she was “examining” it!!!, LOL Keep em’ coming! 🙂 She seems so Independent too for a baby not yet 2. I betcha she’ll be a real firecracker!!! I am very happy all of you that you have a new home. Moving can and is such a pain and so stressful but after it’s all over you’ll know for certain you’ve done the right thing!!! Pity me…we’re about ready to make a 500 mile move and trust me with a pack rat husband in the same house for 17 years you’d think we’d have a lot less junk! ha. We are super super stressed though and will be until everything is unpacked and I find a whole bunch of new doctors. It promises to be a adventure. Thanks for sharing. This one is just so, so adorable and those eyes! Tell the proud Grandpa that I said Hello and that I’ll see him soon in Cyber Space.

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