Portraits of my daughter

I have taken more photographs then I can count of this girl, and at times choosing just one per week has been difficult, so as promised, here are some of the photographs I have loved but left out of the 52 project:20130825-142207.jpgShe still looks so small sometimes when she sleeps.20130825-142738.jpgShe is starting to get into Elmo videos on our phones. She doesn’t get to watch tv so she must be one cranky girl if we’ve handed her an Elmo video.20130825-142755.jpgI love the light in this one.20130825-142809.jpgWe bought this pool as an early birthday present last weekend. The Wonder Woman airplane raft we’ve had for a while.20130825-142830.jpgShe was climbing me here. It’s one of her favorite activities. Also, those eyes!20130825-143123.jpgWe went to an outdoor concert at a brewery on Friday night with my parents and she loved it. She sat on the table eating pork and crackers and dancing.20130825-143139.jpgShe didn’t feel like sleeping after her bath on Saturday, so while the sun set she played with her books and toys until she was tired. There’s something so fascinating to me about watching her entertain herself.

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