20130825-001027.jpg“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013”

Every week there’s something new. A million somethings. This week it’s dancing. My baby has started to dance, and it is the cutest, most hilarious thing I have ever seen. There’s something so amazing about it. That uninhibited natural movement to rhythm. The first few times she did it I almost cried. She is becoming so much more a little girl and less a baby by the minute. She’s broke two more teeth this week, for a grand total of seven. Although who knows there could be more in there, as it’s getting harder and harder to look or feel in her mouth. It’s getting more difficult to get her to do anything she’s not interested in doing these days. Diaper changes often turn into a game of tame the wild alligator and she’s perfected her newest screech of dismay. I fear this kid will become quite good at throwing temper tantrums all too soon.

Speaking of tantrums… No she was not having one in this photo. She cried for a second while I took the camera strap away and then happily went back to playing. And I swear I wasn’t torturing her for photos. I have a harder time choosing photos lately, as I find I have too many I love. Maybe I’ll post a few later this week.

Last week I loved this photo. The crib next to the bed, the pose, sleeping in just a diaper, it so reminded me of my girl.

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