This is not cherry ice cream

20130723-231308.jpgI had planned to post a recipe for cherry ice cream today, however it was a total, absolute and utter failure. Sometimes I kick ass at ice cream. And sometimes I don’t. I don’t fully understand the science behind it yet, which is important when attempting to make up a recipe. So I wasted 2 beautiful pints of door county cherries, some heavenly milk and cream, fresh eggs and agave nectar. Boooooo. Ok it wasn’t that bad. I will still be eating it, but it was slightly icy, too eggy and lacking on the cherry flavor. Highly disappointing.20130723-231706.jpgSo you get cute kid instead. The weather has finally cooled off and we are back to walking to the park every morning, which she is ecstatic about. She’s all about the swings. Two of the three teeth she’s been working on have popped their way through so she is a much happier little girl, who now apparently takes 3 hour naps, and goes to bed at night without waking up immediately. She’s like a regular toddler over here. The second photo is the look I got today while lecturing her about letting me feel for her teeth. She hates when I try to stick my finger in her mouth, and I was just reminding her how a few short months ago that finger was her favorite chew toy. I have a feeling I will be seeing this look a lot over the next 20+ years.

Here’s hoping I have more success with the recipes I’m planning for this weekend, and that I bring you something delicious soon!

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