20130720-223607.jpg“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013”

This girl is becoming more clingy this week and I hate to say it but it melts my heart. When she’s unsure or scared now, she practically attacks me in a monkey like fashion. Sometimes she holds on so tight I swear I could let go and she would stay attached.

She turned 10 months old this week. I almost can’t believe she’s that old already. In two months she will be a year. It seems like just yesterday she was that tiny fragile creature, yet at the same time I barely remember that girl. I keep saying it, but time passes in such a strange fashion once you become a parent. It’s painful and wonderful at the same time.

Tonight I watched her stuff her face with berries, like the little person she has become. I probably should have cut her off, I swear she ate over 20 raspberries before I realized it. She’s becoming so much more successful and efficient with eating. In a way it scares me, because I know it’s a small step closer to the end of our breastfeeding journey, which I am in no way ready for. Luckily I think she feels the same. Even though she eats food now too, she shows no signs of slowing down with nursing, something I am grateful for, for many reasons(umm hello massive weight loss due to breastfeeding, better health for us both, instant calming and bonding…need I go on?).

I’ve been slowing down with her more, partially due to a heat wave trapping us indoors, partially because I’m trying to take it all in. Spending more time cuddling in bed and playing. Closing my eyes tight and trying to commit to memory what it feels like to be in this exact moment right now. It goes so quickly and I know someday too soon it will be a fleeting memory.

This photo was my favorite this week, perfect light, moment captured.

2 thoughts on “29/52

  1. thank you for your kind words about my photo, i’m glad you liked it 🙂
    i’m going through the same here with nursing, i’m not ready for it to end, and it made me smile reading your reasons, they are the same as mine… eating everything i want and not gaining weight? yes, please 😉
    her eyes look stunning in this photo, by the way.

  2. what beautiful eyes! I feel the same about breastfeeding too. My little one is sick right now so solids have taken a back seat and nursing has been all she’s wanted these past few days.

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