20130714-222622.jpg“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013”

This week ended with a bang. Literally. The baby fell off the bed. Yes, I am now that mother. Thankfully we had put our bed on the floor a while ago just in case. I think it was much more traumatic for me then her in the long run. She was fine 15 minutes later, even though I insisted on taking her to the doctor. Don’t get me wrong she screamed bloody murder for those 15 minutes, but once that was over and done with she was good. I on the other hand, will have mom guilt forever. Mom guilt is serious business.

She’s also simultaneously cutting three of her top teeth so she’s been a little cranky the past few days. And she may be possibly getting a cold again, or the teething is giving her cold like symptoms. Poor kid has had a rough week. Hopefully this week brings better days.

This weeks photo was from tonight’s dinner(which is technically the wrong week, but whatever), where she actually didn’t shovel so much food in her mouth that she gagged and barfed it all back up. Yea, that’s been happening. She’s done great with baby led weaning until suddenly she realized her favorite part about eating is fitting as much food in her mouth at once as she possibly can. I’m hoping this passes soon. By the way, I love this straw cup she’s using. It’s the first vessel she has consistently taken milk from other then my boob. She still outright refuses milk at all sometimes when I’m gone, but this has been more successful then any other cup or bottle.

This week I loved this photo, of a tiny boy in an isolette. A far too familiar scene for us, this photo hit hard.

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