I’m finding it harder to have faith in humanity these days. Especially tonight. Somewhere Trayvon Martin’s family is dealing with a jury in this country ruling their sons murder acceptable.

There is something wrong here. Broken. And it’s bigger then just this case and this verdict. It’s bigger then the violence happening daily on the south side of Chicago.

I don’t pretend to understand it all. Growing up in a middle class white neighborhood, where I could count the non-white kids at my school on my hands. I don’t know what it feels like to grow up any other way.

I know that I am outraged. And not just by this verdict. I’m outraged by the daily acts of blatant racism that exist in this country. Outraged that I know people who think it is acceptable in this day and age, to use racial slurs, and to think less about someone because of their ethnicity.

It is not okay. And I want more for my child.

I am supposed to be posting my weekly portrait right now, but I simply couldn’t do it. Writing things about my beautiful girl, who will grow up in this royally fucked up world.

I’m finding it difficult to put together the words to express my anger tonight. My child sleeps safely tucked next to me, while our world has said it does not care about the senseless death of another.

Would things be different if Trayvon Martin had been white and George Zimmerman black? Sadly I know the answer to that question.

Something needs to change. But what? And how? How do we change the ignorant nasty minds of racist fools?

Somewhere tonight, parents are mourning their child all over again. I hope somehow, some day, they find some semblance of closure. That they find peace. My heart aches for them tonight.

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