2 years

20130406-120546.jpgWhile looking at the calendar I just realized this blog turns 2 this month! On the 2nd to be exact. My photos have improved, although the frequency of posts has decreased. Did you notice that I’m on Facebook and twitter now? Check out the links on the sidebar and follow and like them both! I’m also on instagram but that’s a work in progress. Search thenightbakery and you will find me. If you’re still reading after 2 years and a huge change in direction, thank you! And if you’ve just found me, thank you too! Seeing comments on here makes me so excited, especially when they’re from someone I’ve never met, so keep them coming. I promise to keep the recipes and baby stories coming as long as you keep reading.

Oh and the eggs? I just like pictures of eggs. I think they’re kind of beautiful in their own little way.

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