20130406-224444.jpg“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013”

I’ve been struggling with worry again. Over the small and trivial, over the large. Big and small. It’s all plaguing me. This happened to me last time too. You see this Friday is my babes next appointment with her cardiologist. It’s been three months, so it’s time to look at her heart again. Each time these appointments come up I start to panic a bit. It’s strange, a perfect mix of excitement and fear. Like Christmas Eve for a kid, or the night before the most terrifying day of your life. This time will be even more interesting, as we try to get an almost 7 month old to hold still while they do an echocardiogram. Which takes about an hour…yeah. That should be interesting. So expect me to be a blend of excitement and nerves all week. Worries today included a head bump, pink cheeks and sweating, although not in that order. I’m sure the list will grow as the week progresses.

This photo was taken right before my poor babe took a tumble(the aforementioned head bump). She was so happy, playing and smiling. And then boom, over she went bonking her little head on the rail. Poor kid, our reactions probably scared her more then the fall. Why I didn’t go her pillow and blanket before we all walked away is a good question. Plain stupidity. I hate seeing this kid get hurt. In even the smallest way. It’s something I’m going to have to learn to deal with, if she’s anything like me she will be quite clumsy.

My favorite this week comes from the brains behind this whole 52 project, Jodi over at Che and Fidel. The sick little Poet looking dazed and lost is quite haunting. I’m still loving the daily photos of little Lamb as well. I’ve discovered so many new blogs through this lovely project, it’s been really amazing to connect with other mommas as crazy as me.

One thought on “14/52

  1. Love your blog Katie! Love your precious photos of your little beauty!! Emma had an echo when she was 2 and they sedated her with an oral medication. I have no idea what the trick is now? The good news is that after the docs look at her heart you will know the news-good or not-and for a while you won’t wonder with every moment. The best news is that her docs are so skilled and knowledgeable that you can believe she will have a future to plan for and believe in. Keep us informed and we will be holding you all in our hearts!!

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