Baby necessities

20121115-231520.jpgI received some questions about my comment regarding what an expectant mother could get a baby. So here’s my list. Keep in mind, my baby is only 2 months old at this point, so this list may grow further down the line.

1. The Arms Reach Cosleeper. We have the mini. I absolutely love this thing. It’s like a bassinet, but it slides right up next to the bed(it even attaches with straps under the mattress). We have a king size bed, which is slightly high, so it sits just lower then the bed, and the mattress acts as its fourth wall. I can sleep with my hand on her if I want, I can easily scoop her up to nurse in the middle of the night and I can hear her breathing all night long. For a nervous mother of a babe with health issues, this thing is phenomenal.

2. The Boba Wrap. This is similar to the Moby, however the fabric is supposed to be more breathable. I am realllly glad we picked this one, as a baby with a heart condition gets sweaty quite easily. She loves her wrap. I put her in it to go to the store and she instantly calms. She takes long naps in it, and it allows me to go about my day, hands free. Some people say this type of wrap is too complicated. Not true! After two uses I had tying it down. It also makes unwanted touching nearly impossible. What’s up with that anyway? Touching a strangers baby is just plain wrong. Don’t do it.

3. SwaddleMe blankets. Baby straight jackets as I call them. At first I was obsessed with Aden+Anais swaddling blankets. I still love them for nursing, or wrapping her during the day, but this little Houdini gets out of a regular swaddle in no time at all these days. SwaddleMe blankets velcro in all the right places and make escaping quite difficult. Not that she doesn’t keep trying.

4. A baby swing. We have this one from fisher price. It has different speeds and vibrates. It plays obnoxious music too if you want, but I ignore that feature. I love this one because its light weight and compact, which means it can go anywhere including the kitchen table when we’re eating dinner, the bathroom floor while I take a bath, and the coffee table while I eat a snack. Warning: calming vibrations may cause extra messy diaper blowouts. It’s ok though because your baby will like their butt jiggled so much you won’t care.

5. This baby monitor. Ok so it’s not a baby monitor. It’s an app. It may be the best $3.99 I have ever spent. After trying numerous free versions I decided to shell out the money for this one, and it is genius. It works with 2 iOS devices(iPhone, iPad, etc…) over wifi. The video quality is amazing. There’s a feature to turn on the microphone on the device you place with the baby and speak to them. It works well in extremely low light, and will run in the background while you check email or use the internet. Similar video monitors sell in stores for upwards of $100.

It’s a short list. Like I said she’s only 2 months old, so I’m certain it will grow. If you have any fresh new babes on your Xmas list I highly recommend any of these, or if you’re expecting a little one. So far being a mom is the best thing I have ever done, like I was born for the sole purpose of being this child’s mother, these things helped to make it all just a little bit easier.

Oh, by the way I promise to get back to writing about food soon. I may be just slightly obsessed with this baby these days, and haven’t been throwing my all into cooking and baking. I’m hosting thanksgiving this year, so I’m sure I will have interesting things to share shortly,

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