Baby’s first…

20121115-225019.jpgI am not one of those people obsessed with documenting baby’s first… I was given numerous gifts to do so, but have yet to open them. I do however photograph this child’s every move. For me, it means a lot more to make a handmade baby book out of a beautiful sketch book I bought years ago but never had a special enough use for. Well she sure is special.

So with Christmas coming up there is a baby’s first I have been thinking about. Baby’s first Christmas present. I tend to shy away from large displays of grandeur for the holidays. I find one thoughtful gift to be so much more meaningful then a large display of consumerism. I prefer homemade things, books, clothing or jewelry from local stores. My little babe will only be 3 months old this holiday season, so that rules out food. There’s always clothes(can I tell you how obsessed I am with the kids clothes at Playthings?). But really, a 3 month old doesn’t care what she wears. There’s toys,however I have promised her we buy a stuffed animal from the gift shop at the hospital on every visit, including appointments, and well, so far we have four, and two more appointments scheduled. There are books, but I know my mother, the writer will have that covered. I read somewhere you should get your child something you want, something they want, and something they need. That sounds good…but I’m still not sure what those things are. I could tell an expectant mother what to get as I have my favorite baby things, but I already have those. So what does one get a brand new babe for Christmas? I’ll find out and let you know!

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