Random deliciousness

20120321-141204.jpgChocolate cupcakes for hire. Made with the best cocoa powder courtesy of Joy the Baker.

20120321-141332.jpgThe Enjoy package that I completely forgot I signed up for. Do you had any idea how excited I was to see a giant box full of King Arthur products? I’m pretty sure I actually jumped up and down.

20120321-141613.jpgLemon cupcakes. Inspired by this fine lady who posted a lemon cupcake recipe that she was about to make on Facebook.

20120321-141836.jpgThe pretzels that brought me back to life after weeks of hormone induced sickness.

20120321-142102.jpgAn almost cocktail. The closest I’ll get these days. It looks real though right?

20120321-142227.jpgOne day I had to have waffles. Like HAD to. So much so that I bought a waffle maker. And then ate waffles every day, for like three days.

I am seriously enjoying feeling good enough to cook and eat again. Food is kind of my like my sanity and being at odds with it for so long was painful! And now that it’s spring I plan on making you even more delicious treats!

One thought on “Random deliciousness

  1. How can you make and eat so many sweets without weighing 300 pounds? LOL. I think you should make a cook book and I’m not kidding. You have a real talent girl. I look at your delicacies and drool.
    Glad to hear you’re feeling better as well.

    Take care, your CA cousin that would love to hear from you sometime!!!!!
    Meanwhile, congratulations and we’re very happy for you.

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