Catching up with doughnuts

20120316-131056.jpgSometimes I make things, photograph them and then promptly forget they ever existed. I dunno why, it just happens. Maybe more so these days.

Like these doughnuts. I made these one day, because I just felt like doughnuts. Here’s the thing about making doughnuts. There’s a lot of them when you’re done. Like a lot a lot. And doughnuts are really best served the day they’re made.

20120316-132009.jpgThe day I decided to make these doughnuts the pregnancy tracking app I have told me I was probably starting to look like I ate too many doughnuts. It sort of read my mind.

I didn’t eat too many doughnuts though, not too worry. It seems since getting pregnant the amount of food I can ingest in one sitting has decreased significantly. I’m pretty sure I used to be kind of a glutton.

20120316-132235.jpgI filled these doughnuts with cream and jelly. My parents brought home a super fancy jar of raspberry jelly for me from a recent trip and shoving it into doughnuts sounded like a good plan. The cream was just softened cream cheese and whipped cream mixed together. It was good. I melted chocolate with a tablespoon of cream for the chocolate ganache. I used the same lovely doughnut recipe I used before. Rather then making them all at once, I froze about 3/4’s of the dough once I let it rise and cut out the doughnuts. Let me tell you, they thaw beautifully, 1 day in the fridge, an hour on the counter and they’re ready to hit some hot oil. Try your hand at doughnuts, you might be surprised at how easy it is!

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