Keep them safe

Once upon a time there were two little girls. These little girls were born into a world that was destined to change. And change it did.

Along came a virus, and everyone went inside of their homes. And the protectors all did their best to make sure everyone stayed safe. And the people loved those who were working so very hard to keep them safe.

Days became weeks, and weeks became months, and the people grew restless. Eventually, some of the people fought to return to normal, even though it would mean the death of others.

And so some of the people went back to their lives. Some said it was never real. But the girls stayed home, and they stayed safe. Because it was real, and it kept growing. People kept getting sick. People kept dying.

And with the virus grew another plague. A plague fueled by hatred. And it grew just as fast and furious as the virus.

Until one day, when they announced the King was sick. And the people thought maybe, just maybe things would change. Maybe people would take it seriously now. But the King sat on his mighty throne and said everything was fine. And some of the people listened to him.

But the girls still stayed home. They grew older. They missed their old lives, but they found peace and happiness in their new ones too.

The virus continued to spread. People kept getting sick. And they kept dying.

One of the girls has already fought for her life, many times. Her parents vowed that she would never have to do it again, if there was anything they could do to stop it.

But the girls were safe. Safe in their castle, safe in their tower. Safe, where the outside world couldn’t reach them. While the virus raged on outside, there they would stay until one day when they hoped world would finally be safe enough for them to leave again.

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