A portrait of sleep in my family every week in 2018

I’ve been putting them to sleep in the same bed occasionally, and am trying to do so more often. Eventually I plan to have them share a room, once the baby is old enough and no longer nursing over night. Considering I didn’t night wean her sister until I was pregnant with her that could be a while. I’m hoping sometime around age two to start transitioning them into the same bed. They both sleep better next to someone I’m hoping that they can be each other’s someone.

The baby landed herself in the emergency room for a fever and cellulitis this week, which was horrible and scary and majorly triggered my child related health anxiety. She developed a rash today so I’m thinking it may have actually been Roseola, but then again it could also be a reaction to the antibiotics so who knows. She slept more those few days she had a fever than she has in her entire little life. The past two nights she’s woke up sobbing sooooo many times so who knows what’s going on. It’s exhausting and worrying, but I took a nap today so at least there’s that.

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