A portrait of my daughters every week in 2017

This is the last set of photos for 2017. It’s bittersweet. In a way I loved doing this project again, but in another way it was also pretty difficult for me to accomplish. Two kids are four times the work of one kid and trying to make photographs intentionally each and every week was nearly impossible. After my first 52 project I went on to do a 365 the following year. I know there’s no way I can keep up with that so I’ve been mulling over what to do and am still undecided. I’ve been debating doing a photo series on sleep for 2018. It’s something I find myself continually photographing, and such a huge part of life when you have small children. This weeks photos are two of my favorite from the year.

Big: was ecstatic to see our first real snow of the year on Christmas Eve. It wasn’t in the forecast but made for a White Christmas which was rather nice. And it meant she got to play with our neighbor who she’s been missing since cold weather hit.

Little: is not so much a fan of the winter gear and being outside in it. She didn’t take even one step in the winter boots I put on her. She does seem to like the snowsuit at least, and tries to put it on herself if it’s laying around the house.

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