A portrait of my daughters every week in 2017

Big: I volunteered in her classroom for the first time this week. The school she goes to has an incredibly diverse population, as it pulls from one of the most affluent neighborhoods and also one of the poorest. I got to witness first hand, the desperate need for more assistants due to a high population of children with developmental issues, the obvious and heart breaking impact of food insecurity, for a four year old, who knows he’s food insecure, and the stress and impact of these issues day to day on educators. Our system, our way of life in this country, is so flawed, so “me” focused, so wealth and gain centric, that these kids at four years old, are already getting left behind. After less than three hours I was completely exhausted and overwhelmed, mostly due to my own inability to do anything to change the situation. It also made me realize how truly lucky and privileged we are. And it made me wish I had given her one more year at Waldorf. What I did see in her classroom that made me happy, and that was amazing, was her. Her independence, her incredible intelligence, her relationship with her peers, and her kindness and creativity. I was so impressed by her ability to navigate different scenarios with ease and grace. I’m hoping to find more time to volunteer in her class more often.

Little: Is officially a toddling toddler as she has mastered walking this week. She still reverts to crawling a lot of the time as she’s quite fast at it. Last night however, she started running, so I’m sure once she’s mastered that, it will be her go to. It’s so bittersweet, watching her grow so very quickly. I love who she’s becoming but am already desperately missing the little baby she was. And as my last baby, that bittersweetness stings a little bit more.

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