A portrait of my daughters every week in 2017

This week I knew when I pushed the shutter which photos I would end up using. I love that feeling, when I’m making an image and I know it’s going to turn out exactly as I’m envisioning it.  It’s much more instantaneous than it once was, so it’s a little less thrilling, however I still wait to process my images until the day I post leaving a little bit of uncertainty.  Which is part of what I’ve always loved about picking up a camera. 

Big: had the most horrendous run in with a beetle today that I’ve ever seen.  I literally think she’s scared for life.  This is how phobias develop.  

Little: hasn’t had a proper nap in days.  We’ve been too busy and it’s definitely taking its toll.  I’m hoping that getting her back into a routine results in a happier girl. 

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