A portrait of my daughters every week in 2017 

Big: I’m currently having a meltdown about the dwindling weeks left in the school year, because they mean saying goodbye to her wonderfully warm, safe and small private school.  Next year we’re switching her to public school, a decision made by necessity not choice, and I’m regretting it more and more each day. 

Little: A little late to the party, but finally sitting up on her own.  She’s pretty happy about it to, especially when it means she gets to play with her sister.  

2 thoughts on “17/52

    • She will be fine, because she’s wonderfully resilient. But there’s no question that her current school is better than our public schools. The atmosphere they cultivate, the skills they learn, the freedom to grow and play and really explore. To be children. To discover the world at their own pace. And, there is literally no bullying. There are no fights. The school she will be going to this fall is having a huge issue with bullying right now, and with fighting. Did you know they don’t suspend kids for hitting other kids anymore? That they literally do nothing other than notify parents? That a parent can walk into a classroom and start yelling and swearing at their elementary aged child and the teacher has to remove her entire class because she can’t get the parent to leave or calm down. I am genuinely concerned that my sweet, sensitive, kind child will fall victim to someone who sees that sensitivity as weakness. I know she will be fine. But I can’t help this feeling that she deserves so much better than just fine.

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