A portrait of my daughters once a week in 2017

I knew I wanted to do another year long photo project this year, but was debating between a 52 or 365.  Then I realized I have 4 year old and a 3 month old, I work part time and am alone with the kids the vast majority of their waking hours.  So 52 it is.  I haven’t picked up my real camera anywhere near often enough since this little was born and need a kick in the ass to do so.  Damn the iPhone camera for being so convent ant and sophisticated.  I’ve decided to also include a few choice moments from their weeks with their photos.  

Big: received her first pair of clip on earrings  today and declared she needed them to hear better since she lost her ear.

Little: has found her voice and is using it nonstop.  We’ve referred to her as a howling cat quite often as she seems to like screeching the most. 

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