Growing older is a strange prospect.  I still feel like an awkward teenager in so many ways (who let me have a house, a mortgage, a kid and a job?!), yet so vastly different than who I was just a few years ago.  Time passes in an infinitely more disconcerting manner once a child enters the mix.  And for some reason, every year that passes since I hit 30 seems a little heavier.  Maybe because 40 is looming just around the corner and seriously I just cannot be closing in on 40.  Fall has always been my favorite time of year, I think as a child because I knew my birthday was coming, the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  As I’ve aged the smells, the colors and the crisp air have become my favorite part.  I spend far more time outside in the fall than the summer yet somehow this fall I’ve missed out.  So today, after her nap we headed to a conversation park within walking distance and spent the golden hour hiking around.  I even took a few photos of the park itself, as did she.  I’m beginning to think this kid is going to need her own DSLR sooner than I expected.  She’s definitely the piece that keeps me feeling young yet leaves me feeling old at the end of the day.  I’m hoping we get a few more days like today to squeeze in more of autumns magic.

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