IMG_1079.JPGA portrait of my daughter every day in 2014

Completing this project feels weird. It feels good and sad and just strange. It’s not as though I will be photographing any less next year, but it’s still odd.

I put together some of what were my favorites throughout the year. They may or may not have been the best images, but for some reason or another, I love them.IMG_0804.JPGIMG_0742.JPGIMG_0746.JPGIMG_0763.JPGIMG_0806.JPGIMG_0888.JPGIMG_0891.JPGIMG_0811.JPGIMG_0895.JPGIMG_0964.JPGIMG_0907.JPGIMG_0967.JPGIMG_1016.JPGIMG_1003.JPGIMG_1028.JPGIMG_1053.JPGIMG_1056.JPGIMG_1076.JPGIMG_1067.JPG

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