IMG_1022.JPGA portrait of my daughter every day in 2014

Lately her language skills have grown immensely. There are certain words I ask her to say repeatedly because I love the way she says them, like P-aide(parade), boo mankie(blue blankie) and halp(help).

I’ve been slowly working on painting over all of the bold wall colors through out our house. I’ve been covering the burnt sienna in the hallway lately and she’s been helping. For some reason painting the walls with my two year old really makes this feel like our home. Watching her paint “doggies” on our walls is strangely heartwarming. Although I keep emphasizing that this is the only time she can ever paint on the wall.

She’s on a hefty dose of antibiotics right now, which she hates. So I’ve taken to bribing her with m&m’s. She gets one m&m for each time she has to take the antibiotic. It’s working surprisingly well and she doesn’t even ask for more then one.

When we go to a store she finds countless toys she would like to take home. I let her play with them for a bit and then tell her they have to stay at the store with their friends. She very cooperatively puts the toy(usually a dog of some sort) back and says “buh bye doggie”.

She tells me when she’s happy lately. Out of nowhere she will point to herself and say happy. It’s insanely adorable and melts my heart.

She dresses herself more and more, hence the footwear pictured. She’s yet to master putting on shirts but everything waist down is cake.

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