IMG_1008.JPGA portrait of my daughter every day in 2014

This is what happens when the music swells and a movie(Homeward Bound) gets dramatic. Seriously this kid, for as tough as she is, gets sooooooo emotional watching movies.

She managed to pop her elbow out for the third time today. Luckily we’ve been through it before and waited it out rather then taking her to the ER(been there, done that, after six hours and loads of tears, went back home with no resolution). She seems to be able to pop it back in herself after a few hours. Luckily this time she was pretty mellow about it, her mother on the other hand was a nervous mess as per usual. My husband says she’s just super tough and I shouldn’t worry. Apparently he is right.

2 thoughts on “312/365

  1. Next time you post a picture of her crying, I’m coming right over to give her a hug. Even if it’s midnight. (Just kidding, I think.)

    • She’s still up! She fell asleep way early but her arm still hurt then so she woke up the second she tried to roll over. These weren’t real tears, she gets quite weepy during movies lately but it always passes quickly.

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