IMG_0932.JPGA portrait of my daughter every day in 2014

It’s 7:30 and she’s already asleep. My thoughts are as follows:

-It won’t last. By 10pm she will be up and ready to party.

-She’s exhausted. Switching to this new schedule has been immensely hard on all of us, least of all her, yet we all seem to forget about it. We now work opposite shifts, barely seeing each other and totally ruining her naps. Pretty much her entire life she’s fallen asleep nursing. Now I am at work when she needs a nap, so my husband has to resort to whatever works to get her to sleep, that means car rides, stroller rides or movies. It’s far from ideal and hard on them both.

-I’m considering going to sleep this early myself. I’m tired and run down, but I have a feeling the second I fall asleep she will be up.

-Time to get off of my ass and get stuff done. Laundry, dishes and who knows what else are waiting for me.

We will see if it lasts, 7:30 is quite early for this kiddo these days, and in my experience usually turns into a nap. Cross your fingers for me.

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