2 thoughts on “40/365

  1. Hi there! I am your cousin Susan that has followed your blog every day and have tried twice to reach out but so far I have yet to hear anything from you. You can certainly tell she has Irish and Scottish blood in her. And yes, she is quite adorable. Do you like only taking pics of her while she is pensive looking and very very few of her smiling? As an onlooker only I worry because of I am a mother myself. I don’t want to be nosy but down the road will she require surgery or a heart transplant????? She sure looks healthy and you can’t tell at all by looking at her she has anything wrong at all. BTW, I have a B.S. I Health Sciences. Say hello to everyone. Your dad is my grandfathers brother. And, BTW you have a lot of amazing talent in cooking and photography. I’d weigh 300 pounds if I was to eat all the yummy stuff you make. Just looking at your food makes me hungry. LOL
    Cousin Susan in California..

    • Hi Susan!

      I’m not sure how signals have gotten crossed, but I’ve seen your comments and responded in the past. Honestly I don’t respond to comments super often unless there is a question. I do take quite a few photographs of her smiling, she does so quite regularly, but am attempting to post photographs for this project that surpass the simple cute kid photos. It just happens to work out that the photos I feel are higher quality images are the serious ones. In regards to her health, there’s no way to know definitively. Right now the thought is that she will have a catheterization or open heart surgery or both as a teenager or an adult. She is in all regards, totally normal and healthy, however he heart function is comprimised. Thanks for following along!

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