I had 50 images to choose from today. Of those 50 I had a really hard time choosing between five. Those are great odds, and it makes me feel fantastic that I struggled to choose an image. I’m certain not all days will be like this. Some days I will find it difficult to produce an image. But today. Oh today, it felt easy. Natural. I remember what shooting feels like. What it’s feel like when you’re making a good image. I remember being asked in college why I chose an image to present. Why I took the photo. I didn’t completely know, but I knew it felt right. I’ve always shot on instinct. Used my gut. And it’s worked for me.

Don’t get me wrong,I know this is just a gorgeous portrait of my child. I understand its not same award winning piece of art. But I felt alive when I sat down to edit today. I felt it in my gut. I felt it in my heart. And that my friends, is a wonderful feeling.

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