20131108-154439.jpgA portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013

I am so grateful we have still been lucky enough to have some warmth left in the air. Soon the snow will start to fall, the golden afternoons will have left us and we will be huddled indoors for the coming months. But these last precious beautiful afternoons are more then I could have hoped for.

This photo may be my favorite of the series. It is everything I love of fall and this child all wrapped up into one. The leaves, her skin, those cheeks, her eyes. I am her mother so I must find her beautiful, but in this photo she is simply stunning.

With the few weeks left in this project I am hoping to make better and better images. We shall see if I accomplish this task.

My favorite last week was this sleeping babe.

One thought on “45/52

  1. She is so like her father. i’m glad one of her grandma’s knows how to knit! Nice hats Grandma S! And here comes the snow………………

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