20131026-235203.jpgA portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013

She did it again. She grew up. Overnight. Suddenly she can stand on her own, and get up and down in one fluid motion. No more shakiness. She is soooo close to walking. And talking. I can see the wheels turning in her brain. She’s almost got it. She’s learning at an alarming pace. They turn 1 and take off don’t they?

She still seems small when she sleeps. I pulled out our winter hats the other day and was shocked that not a single one from last year fits her head. Not remotely. Her head has seemingly doubled in size. And then there’s the boots. She’s going to need boots this winter. Because she will want to play in the snow. Because she’s a little girl now, and no longer a baby. But when she sleeps, there’s no denying she’s still my baby. She’s becoming so snuggly in her sleep, curling up with her head on my chest. It’s painfully cute.

Her and this dog. She loooooves this dog. So much. Lucky for her he tolerates her, possibly even likes her. As she grows I can see him loving her more and more. I’m glad she will have him as a companion and friend as she grows. I have visions of him sleeping in her bed when she’s older.

My favorite photo this week, a little swimming fish.

2 thoughts on “43/52

  1. My little one just turned one as well. It’s as though overnight the baby was replaced with a baby-toddler… even though I have been through it once before, it has still shocked me. What a gorgeous little lady you have!

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