20131020-095800.jpgA portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013

My sick little snot monster. This poor kid has a cold. Big time. But you would never know by her attitude. She must feel miserable, her nose is spewing snot, her eyes are watering, she’s clearly intensely stuffed up. But she’s still happy. She’s only been upset when I’m trying to suction or wipe her nose, or when she tries to nurse in the middle of the night and can’t breathe. Otherwise she has been her normal silly self. Case in point the goofball you see in this photo. She wanted to play while I attempted to snap her photo among the fallen leaves. She thought attempting to climb me sounded way more fun.

I get nervous when she’s sick. Her doctor tells me she can handle it but still it makes me worry. I get angry looking for someone to blame for her illness(we are so careful still), but then I realize blame does no good, and it’s no ones fault. Kids just get sick. She’s obviously much sicker then either my husband or I but it seems to be passing. We bought this chest rub last night and it helped sooo much. She slept so much better. The poor little dear is such a trooper, as she has always been.

Before she got sick we had been spending every minute of every day possible outdoors enjoying fall. I’ve photographed our time obsessively so I will share more soon.

Last week this bathtub shot was my favorite photo.

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