IMG_3558A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013

I’ve been noticing newborns everywhere I go now. These tiny sleepy little babies, wrapped up so snuggly on their mamas chests. We went to target today and I was reminded of last year, taking this girl to target wrapped on my chest. I know it happened, but I barely remember it. I definitely don’t remember her that small. This time last year we were still in the hospital. It was still touch and go. She was still struggling. She had yet to be allowed food.

Today she ate oatmeal, raspberries, crab rangoon, cheese, curry, apples, cheeseburger, peas, squash, rice crackers, a bite of a cookie, a fruit pouch and probably something I’m forgetting. Oh and she nursed at least 6 times. She’s come a long way. She’s now in the 70th percentile for height, weight and head measurements. Once they let this kid eat, she never looked back.

Lately she’s been dancing NON-STOP. As in first thing in the morning when she opens her eyes, all day long, and when she’s supposed to be going to sleep. She points to the computer(where we play music) and demands we play something if nothing is on.

We are trying a new schedule next week, in hopes that she’s a bit happier in the evenings, so her papa will be feeding her and bathing her before I get home, which in turn should lead to an easier bed time. Fingers crossed this also helps my cooking and baking schedule. Next week I’m hoping to bring you something savory!

Last week this black and white diptych was my favorite.

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