20130915-092802.jpgA portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013

This week she turns 1. Sometimes I can’t believe it’s been a year. This time has flown by so quickly I barely remember it. Yesterday my husband and I were trying to remember what we were doing a year ago, while I was heavily pregnant and majorly over due. It’s so hazy. Like life before her was just a fog. And she’s hit one of those leaps where she seems to grown up overnight again. It’s both frightening and heart warming to see.

While shopping for her birthday present my husband turned to me and said “Thanksgiving!!” I must have looked very confused because he followed it up with “she gets to eat food!”. We are a food oriented family that much is certain. These milestones keep coming like an avalanche with no stopping them. They sweep you up and carry you away and when the ride stops you’re sitting next to this child, who resembles the one you met at the top but is so much more.

She loves it when I leave the back door open for her so she can crawl back and forth from the kitchen to the back porch. The light was streaming in beautifully one morning and she found my boots. Watching her shove her entire arm in my boots and giggle was highly entertaining. The shift in things you find amusing after having a child is intense at times.

Last week my favorite photo came from Jodi, the brain behind this photo project. I absolutely love the way the water ripples in this portrait, the color of it ,and the gesture of legs passing by.

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