20130907-212532.jpgA portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013

She is counting down the days to turning 1. Well maybe I am the one counting down the days. It’s a milestone I am not quite ready for, feeling in a way like I have to let go of her being a baby. Like I need to help foster more independence in her somehow. She is still sooo dependent on me. Don’t misunderstand, I in no way mind this, at times I almost relish it. It does however make it harder on the other people in our life who watch her while I’m working. She is the easiest baby on the planet for me. She can however, be quite high maintenance for others. Yes her turning one is exciting, and a bit sad for me. This year went by so disturbingly fast.

She’s also becoming quite snuggly at times. When the tears start after a nap ends, a quick snuggle from her Papa makes it all better. She’s taken to flinging her arms or legs over me when she sleeps in our bed, or burrowing into her Papas back. She’s even starting giving out coveted open mouth sloppy kisses. They border on kind of gross at times but are the sweetest thing.

I loved the light on this little climbing babe this week.

2 thoughts on “36/52

  1. Hey there, this is my 3rd time/attempt to make contact with you and you either don’t see what I write or are not interested. It’s a shame since your dad is my grandfathers brother and I explained all of that to you. Your daughter is really precious and I wish you all the luck in the world as time goes by with her health. Take care and having a one way conversation is really fun. LOL.

    • Hello! I’m sorry I didn’t mean any offense! I typically don’t respond to comments on my blog unless there’s a question or an obvious dialog happening. You will see if you look through the comments on my posts that this is the case, so know that it’s not just you. I do appreciate your kind words on my past posts and hope you keep reading!

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