20130630-005648.jpg“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013”

How is it halfway through 2013 already? Does time seem to go this ridiculously fast for all new parents? It’s almost July and she’s already 9 months old. It’s insane how it keeps spiraling. I had 2 women approach me in the grocery store this weekend to tell me how cute my baby was and how they remembered when their girls(now school aged) were that small. The wistful looks on their faces told me it just keeps moving faster and faster.

This weekend I went to my first concert since she resided in my belly. It has been over a year since I went to a show and it was wonderful. I was a nervous wreck before leaving(what if she wakes up and freaks out, what if she’s hungry and won’t take a bottle, what if she gets scared). But she did great, she has the best grandparents in the world watching her and the show was amazing. Last time I went to a show she was in my belly, just starting to swim around. The difference in who I am since then is astounding. I wished she could have been there too, strapped to my chest in the ergo. I may have even teared up a bit when this song about organ donation came on. Yes I am that lame.

This weeks photo is of a morning sink bath. She loves baths and water in any way shape or form. Although the sink baths may have to go pretty soon as she is learning to climb out of the sink. Little baby naughty. I swear I would build this kid a pool if we owned this house.

Last week I loved this photo, a very familiar scene in our house, the best toys are not really toys at all these days.

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