20130622-230859.jpg“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013”

Somehow I managed to take very few photos this week. Which is kind of insane considering how many I take normally. I did shoot a decent amount of video of this child. I keep thinking I’m going to forget what she sounds like or moves like as time passes so I’m trying to capture as much as possible.

This weeks photo comes from the doctors office, yet again. An iphone snap as I apparently mostly shot video with my actual camera. Her 9 month check up, which luckily did not include any shots. This kid sure spends a lot of time in doctors offices. I looked at her past appointment list the other day, and it was 3 pages long. In a way it’s nice, because she’s so used to it, she’s very happy at the doctor these days.

I’ve been worrying about her again. I find myself doing so every time I decide to catch up with my online community of heart moms. Sometimes I think I need to just stay away from those sites, but I do like having other people with kids like mine to interact with, even if its only online. But the group brings the good stories and the bad, which of course make me worry. It’s something I’m working on more and more. Staying present, living in the now, accepting the past and welcoming the future.

Last week I liked this photo. I fear one day far to soon, my little girl will tell me to stop photographing her. And I will probably cry. For real.

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