20130615-234029.jpg“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013”

It’s starting to get hot here and I am so happy I am not spending this summer hugely pregnant. As the temperature rises I am reminded of how miserable I was this time last year. Pregnancy was largely unpleasant in my experience. No, scratch that, pregnancy sucked for me. Big time. I love this kid and she was worth every second of misery, but it was straight up awful. And the hottest summer in years did not help.

I hate the heat. I’ve said this numerous times. It simply makes me uncomfortable. And my daughter is proving more and more to be the same. I’d venture to say she gets hotter even easier then I, considering the amount she sweats. It seems to be one of the only outward signs of her special little heart. She has continued to love her swimming class, so on hot days I’ve been filling up the little pool and letting her splash around. Off comes the diaper and she spends a good hour splashing, spinning around and around, trying to use the edge to stand, picking grass over the side and playing with the toys I throw in. We have a very large covered porch so I can even keep her fair skin out of the sun. I can’t wait to take her to a lake sometime this summer, although all of the ones in town are so polluted and disgusting, I fear we may need to travel north a bit to do so.

Last weeks portraits were among some of my favorites. I love to see the progression, it seems the photographs are getting better and better. I loved these portraits, they all seem so oblivious to the camera, quite the opposite in the first photo here, that stare is gorgeous. These were my absolute favorites last week. The light, the moment, the editing. I loved it all, and sometimes an iPhone is all you need to capture it.

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