20130608-232155.jpg“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013”

I am feeling like time is flying again. I say that every week, but week after week things seem to spiral quicker and quicker. The days fly by. The minutes while at work however, drag. But the second I walk through that door time spins.

I treasure every moment with these two. My husband and I were talking about it today, while sitting on that blanket, at a festival in a park, filled with people. How lucky we are. How the little moments, where it’s just us three, even in a sea of others, how totally and completely lucky we are. How those little moments are so perfect. Someday we may not remember them, so we try to drink them all in.

She loved the park, and the festival, the crowds of people and the booming music. I knew she would. She was born to be social, from the safety of her ergo at least. This kid will go anywhere, do anything, as long as she’s strapped to our chests. We ate brats(it’s summertime in Wisconsin, there’s a lot of brat eating going on), drank smoothies, and had ice cream. She has been learning to drink smoothies from a straw at home and did quite a lot of damage to the smoothie today. And then demanded the cup and straw as payment for not being allowed more. I even let her try my ice cream. And then she kept wanting more. She is her parents daughter.

That goofy look she gives the camera kills me. It shows up quite frequently, and cracks me up. I wish our Saturdays could go on forever. They never cease to amaze me. Maybe that’s part of being a parent. Does everyone feel this in awe of their children? It’s a wonderful feeling. I’m certain someday when she’s grown, and going off to college, I will weep remembering these days when she was so tiny and lovely and mine.

Last week I loved this black and white. The light, the leaves, the tiny person. It is my ideal of fall. This gesture is gorgeous, and I have a feeling I will be seeing it all too soon. And finally this tiny babe lost in a sea of grass, had a painterly quality I found I kept coming back to.

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