20130525-231812.jpg“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013”

Is it possible I am falling more in love with this girl? She seems to have grown up even more right before our eyes this weekend. She figured our how to actually stand in her walker and use her feet to push herself backwards. My husband calls it moonwalking. She’s also starting to backwards crawl a bit. And she seems more and more capable of entertaining herself.

At the same time she is becoming more and more dependent on me again. Not wanting to be more then 2 feet from me at all times. A fact I plan on reminding her of frequently once she hits the age of 15. I can’t help but melt when she reaches and squirms and grabs at me, even though I should be attempting not to perpetuate her total dependence on me.

She has also turned into a WILD ANIMAL over the past week. A total and complete maniac. You see she has decided that bedtime is the best time for mastering new skills and playing. She has taken to rolling, scooting and attempting to crawl all over the bed. Oh and babbling and screeching and squealing. It’s adorable, hilarious and also a little insane. It has however, turned bedtime into quite the long process most nights. I’m thinking once she masters all of these things during awake time as well, this crazed bedtime girl will go back to normal. Right now I’m debating putting our mattress on the floor(we cosleep) or bringing the crib into our room(she hasn’t slept a night in it yet). She’s done this whole baby on crack routine in the middle of the night a few times as well. It’s not quite as cute at 3:45am.

This week I took a lot of photos. I love taking her outside and letting her do whatever she wants and photographing her. She seems to ignore me a bit while we’re outside, unless of course I get too far away. I have over 1300 photographs of her since getting this camera in December(not counting the numerous iPhone snaps that still occur). Sometimes I feel like I should be doing more with them. There are so many beautiful ones. Then again I do make a new photo book every 20 photos I deem my favorite.

Last week I loved the crisp clean light in this photo, thought this shower scene captured was quite beautiful, and thought this shot of a boy so tough was lovely.

If you missed it, I posted my long and crazy birth story last week. Thank you all so much for your comments, emails and messages. It meant a lot to hear your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “21/52


    We partially co-sleep, only because Lane crawled off our mattress twice. Now we cool him down to put in his crib in the beginning of the night (that takes 1-2 hours). Then around 12 or 1, we bring him to our bed. He’s usually settled enough that he doesn’t try anything crazy, but last night he wanted to be ON TOP of me and kept lifting his head to crawl until gravity would make it fall again – meaning he was headbutting me all night. I love co-sleeping but this is getting crazy.

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