Mother’s day round up

20120805-094352.jpgAre you planning something spectacular for the mothers in your life?  No?  Well get with it, there’s still time.  For you’re baking needs I have suggestions.  Do brunch, it’s the best meal of the weekend.  And serve these cinnamon rolls.  They are genius, as you can prep them the day before and simply pop them in the oven once everyone arrives . Oh and they’re delicious.  Seriously good.20130430-224329.jpgThen there are these jam shortcakes I made last week.  Super easy.  Super good.  Make the cake the day before, then simple whip the cream and assemble the day of.20120426-183135.jpgIf decadence and chocolate are your thing, then this Black Forest cake is it.  It’s oh my god good.20120528-100907.jpgIf you’re more of the pie type, then this Banoffee pie I made is the way to go.  Bananas, pudding, gooey toffee.  Its wonderful.img_1938Doughnuts.  You can never go wrong with doughnuts.  Ever.

There are some other lovely people around the food blog world who have some pretty genius ideas as well.

Tracy knows what’s up when it comes to fried eggs.  Big time.  She loves her fried eggs like I do.  On everything.  Eggs on pizza?  Yes please.

This drink looks beyond good.  Can I have one right now?

Avocados, bread and tomatoes?  What else do you need?

Call your momma this weekend, send her a card, make her breakfast.  She loves you more then you could possibly know.  It’s time to appreciate her.

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